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My reply to a message board thread

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i am posting this here so it wont be deleted from the board as has happened with some of my posts that are unpopular

little deffinition of Hamas


(hämäs´) [Arab., = zeal], Arabic acronym for the Islamic Resistance Movement, a Palestinian Islamic fundamentalist organization established in 1987 during the Intifada. An offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas operates mosques, schools, clinics, and social programs but is best known in the West for its military wing, which has carried out numerous terrorist attacks on Israelis.

my anthropology teacher (who has friends in isreal on both sides; isreali and palistian) gave this analigy about Hamas. he said Hamas is like a political party (think republican of democrat in the US), the red cross , and the national gaurd all in one. if you lived in the west bank and lost your job or needed healthcare you would go to Hamas and they would give you what you needed. if some one had stolen from your store you would go to Hamas and they would ensure justice and compisation for your loss. they provide schools hospitals and defence for its members.

now keep in mind i DO NOT condone any of the actions the military wing of hamas have done, but to understand why the palistinans chose Hamas to lead their people you must understand that Hamas is more than "Just another terroist group." for many palistians Hamas provides all their needs whether it be education, spiritual, phisical or financial. we need to understand that the military wing of Hamas is a smal part of the group as a whole (though it dose get ALL the press because Americans don't want to admit Arabs do good more good than bad and if Arabs really hated us as much as people wish they did Arabs could with out a doubt wipe the US off the map).

so when you wonder why the Palistins ELECTED hamas to lead i hope you will understand a little better. they didn't elect Hamas for its military aspects but for its social aspects.


Blogger pkenny said...

I think your view of Hamas is a bit like attempting to condone the actions of the American mafia.

While it is true that Hamas may exercise some social programs, the real problem behind the group is the intimidation and hatred used to motivate the people. Compared to the Fatah party, they have morals and really do care for the people. However, history and current events in the Arab world shows the old adage rather well... absolute power corrupts absolutely (Hamas will ultimately show their true colors.)

The main problem with the militant Muslim faith, which Hamas exhibits very forcefully, is the intolerance and fear for any other religion to have equal footing.

As far as taking over the world... they have been talking about that for centuries and some are still bent on doing that. Fortunately, Allah has not bowed to their wishes. Maybe that's because Allah is NOT God? Or maybe it is because they do not represent Allah's interests very well.

1:45 PM  
Blogger Anthony said...

I was just trying to show why people would support Hamas. Yes they are bent on destroying Israel and are wacked out of there minds! I was just playing a little devils advocate.

2:37 PM  
Blogger pkenny said...

"Devils Advocate"... I have found that if there is one being who does NOT need an advocate... it's the devil! ;-)

6:51 AM  

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