Sunday, April 30, 2006

Bringing it all down to earth

So I have been thinking a lot about why I write and I think it comes down to this quote by Chuck Palahniuk. "The one drawback to writing is the being alone. The writing part. The lonely-garret part. In peoples imagination, that's the difference between a writer and a journalist. The journalist, the newspaper reporter, is always rushing, hunting, meeting people, digging up facts. Cooking a story. The journalist writes surrounded by people, and always on deadline. Crowded and hurried. Exciting and fun.
The Journalist writes to connect you to the larger world. A conduit."

That’s it really. I have been writing on a regular basis for about 10 years, mostly fiction no one but me has read, or personal commentary in a journal and occasionally on the net. But this year I have been writing as a journalist, usually in the journalism room at NWC. At home I get writers block, at the college when a block comes I have someone to bounce ideas off.

When I re-entered college it was a means to an end, that end being a novelist. I had no intentions to do anything but learn to be a better writer and I saw journalism as a way to do that. As this year draws to a close I find myself addicted to journalism, even to the point next year I will be the editor of the Northwest Trail. It is strange how things turn out, if you had asked me a year ago what I would be doing now I most likely would have said, "Working a dead end job." But as photography did for me seven years ago, journalism has set me free. It has allowed me to find my passion. As I look on to the next phase of my journey I see a future, while still uncertain and frightening, full of possibilities.

Tonight I will leave you with these words of wisdom from my pops "Never stick anything in your ear smaller than you elbow.


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